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... OPSGROUP is exactly what I didn't know I needed,
but had been searching for over the last ten years.

Richard Buergel, Director Flight Technical, NETJETS.
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... OPSGROUP is a must have for any flight department
conducting operations to remote or international destinations

David Wilson, BOEING.

We can't live without the support from OPSGROUP; it will be a pinnacle
part of our flight planning for years to come.

Kevin DeSha, Flight Dept Manager, TFT Aviation

November 2018: Closing to new members

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OPSGROUP members have this to say ...
  • Customer Testimonails

    Timely, relevant information delivered in a common sense, often plain language format. I'm always learning things from OpsGroup and find the service well worth the time and expense.

    Part 91 Kevin W, Capt.
  • Customer Testimonails

    OPSGROUP is an excellent first resource to go to when beginning ops in unfamiliar areas of the planet. Kudos!

    Fedex Mike Gibson
  • Customer Testimonails

    I love the OPSGROUP briefings via email ...

    United Airlines Fergus Flanagan, Mgr Dispatch Ops
  • Customer Testimonails

    The OPSGROUP bulletins have become one of the most important trip planning resources available before our international trips. And out of Hong Kong, every trip is an international trip!

    Gama Aviation Capt. Vince Moore
  • Customer Testimonails

    A really great resource for international flight ops. Keep up the good work!

    Rocket Route Rob Randall
  • Customer Testimonails

    OPSGROUP is a must have for any flight department conducting operations to remote/international destinations

    Boeing David Wilson
  • Customer Testimonails

    OPSGROUP has really help us out monitoring and keeping up all the changes in the fast and ever changing airline environment we live in today. Keep up the good work!

    Air Atlanta Icelandic Bjorgvin H. Narfason, Mgr Flight Dispatch
  • Customer Testimonails

    OPSGROUP is exactly what I didn't know I needed, but had been searching for over the last ten years! I have no doubt that OPSGROUP will find new ways to make international flight operations safer through the collaborative exchange of critical information. Bravo!

    Netjets Richard Buergel
  • Customer Testimonails

    OPSGROUP is a very valuable resource providing information for non-scheduled flight operations worldwide

    Kalitta Air Norm Gage, Chief Pilot
  • Customer Testimonails

    This has been a very valuable service in a number of areas such as trip planning, requirements and regulations over the past year.

    British Antarctic Survey Alan Meredith, Chief Pilot
  • Customer Testimonails

    If you need a current, complete source of international ops info, this is the place!

    Senior International G550 Captain Steve Thorpe
  • Customer Testimonails

    OPSGROUP: finally someone that takes the mountain of information we face and distills it into plain language. Really saved my butt on a flight.

    Smittyjet Capt. Steve Smith
  • Customer Testimonails

    The knowledge and expertise from all participating members is invaluable!

    Omni Air International LJ Vonderschmidt, DC-10 Fleet Manager
  • Customer Testimonails

    OPSGROUP is a very helpful aviation tool covering and giving answers to most of our concerns. Thank you.

    TAG Aviation Javier Ruano Jadraque
  • Customer Testimonails

    Especially the World Overflight map with all safety/security information is very helpful for our Operation. But also receiving the experiences from other Operators is very useful. Questions to OPSGROUP Team are always answered very fast, thanks for that.

    Tyrol Air Ambulance Sylvia Krug-Berger
  • Customer Testimonails

    OPSGROUP has been a great benefit when trying to navigate around all the requirements of International Operations. I am now able to access information from multiple sources on a single site making planning so much easier. Great job, keep up the good work!

    LifeFlight Australia Paul Regli
  • Customer Testimonails

    Excellent resource! If you fly internationally, you'll definitely want to join

    PlaneSense Inc. Tim Cloutier
  • Customer Testimonails

    This is a fantastic group of aviation professionals that share very important information in a private forum

    Monsanto Company Douglas Whitcomb
  • Customer Testimonails

    Your bulletin is unique and unparalleled!

    Airbus Industrie Fred Orcival, Flight Ops
  • Customer Testimonails

    OPSGROUP is an essential tool for any International Operator.

    Lockheed Martin William Price
  • Customer Testimonails

    A fantastic resource for our small Part 91 flight department - OPSGROUP is a source for reliable and accurate information.

    CAT3 Aviation Grant McMahon
  • Customer Testimonails

    It is great to finally have one source of valuable information and an opportunity to share information with other operators frequently and conveniently.

    Latitude Air Ambulance Brent Gateman
  • Customer Testimonails

    OPSGROUP is the website that we were missing in aviation, great information, helpful ... one word ... Awesome.

    Aerotresalia Fernando Zapata
  • Customer Testimonails

    Relevant information of what's going on around the world in a timely manner

    Skyservice Business Aviation Alain Jolicoeur

November 2018: Closing to new members

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What do I get?     |     Read all 125 reviews  

What do I get ?

Here are all the things you'll get as a member:

  • Customer Testimonails

    If you need a current, complete source of international ops info, this is the place!

    Steve Thorpe Senior International G550 Captain
  • Customer Testimonails

    The OPSGROUP Bulletin is consulted prior to all our international trips and is used extensively as a springboard for discussion at our quarterly Flight Crewmember discussion sessions

    Patrick Wiens Swiflite Aircraft Corporation
  • Customer Testimonails

    OPSGROUP has been an invaluable resource to allow me to keep self-dispatching our flights to Europe without the cost of an ISP, yet remaining confident that I'm in the loop on current changes and possible gotchas. It's a routine part of my pre-flight planning.

    Rob Martin Orange County/Sunbird Aviation, LLC
  • Customer Testimonails

    You had me at "Hong Kong is a pain in the ass - it's official." :0)

    Anonymous International Dispatcher

How does it work ?

What we do, and how to join us
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Who we are: We are Pilots, Dispatchers, Schedulers, Ops Officers, Managers, Air Traffic Controllers, Technical officers. The problem solvers of International Flight Ops.

What we do: We collaborate. We're all working on the same problems, and by connecting with each other, we solve them quicker.

Flight Service Bureau directly provides information to the group - the famous International Ops Bulletin, Ops Guides, Unsafe Airspace Summaries, Country Lowdowns, Alerts, and - most importantly - answers to any International Ops question.

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Joining and leaving

New members - that's you - are welcomed several times a year. The current status is notified on this page. To make sure that new members are fully supported, and the existing group retains its high quality, we limit joining to window periods during the year.
If we're closed, you can join the waitlist to be notified of the next opening window.

Welcome Pack

On joining, we will send you, and each team member if you are on a team or department plan:
- a Welcome Email, explaining the group, together with your Welcome Pack:
- The full FSB Airports Database (value $375)
- The current full International Ops Bulletin
- Our Polar Ops Planning Guide
- Current NAT Plotting Chart (value $25)


You (and each team member, if you choose a team plan) will then also get:
- Immediate access to our OpsGroup Dashboard
- The weekly International Ops Bulletin every Wednesday
- Slack access to talk to the group
- Ask-Us-Anything - we answer your International Ops questions
- Airspace warnings and overflight risk summaries
- Access to Airport Spy - 2300+ Airport and ATC TripAdvisor style reviews
- Guides, Lowdowns, Charts, Member Notes
- Tools and Maps
- All previous content since the group started
See examples of all the above

Joining Process

2 straightforward steps:
- Choose an Individual, Team, or Department plan
- We send you everything you need to get started by email
You can cancel anytime you like, before the next billing period.
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Should I join?

If your business is International Flight Operations, then OPSGROUP is for you.

Read the reviews of OPSGROUP from ...
Airlines like United, Fedex, and Etihad
Small Part 91 Flight Departments like CAT3, Fayair, Pula
Big 135 Charter Operators like Jet Aviation, TAG and Netjets
Companies like Visa, IBM, and AT&T
Manufacturers like Boeing, Airbus, and Lockheed
International Pilots like Matt Harty, Bill Stephenson, and Timothy Whalen
Organisations like IFALPA, the NBAA, and CAA Singapore

November 2018: Closing to new members

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What do I get?     |     Read all 125 reviews