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Kevin DeSha Flight Dept Manager, TFT Aviation

We have used OPSGROUP for a year now and now realize its value. We can't live without the support from OPSGROUP; it will be a pinnacle part of our flight planning for years to come!

Nat Iyengar Jet Aviation Hong Kong

Ops Group allows me to stay on top of the constantly changing world of international operations.

Paul Damours Air Ambulance, chief-pilot

Having flown medevac around the world, I can say that OpsGroup is an amazing planning tool! Keep up the good job!!

Jai Singh International Pilot

Opsgroup has been a huge help in keeping me up to date. All operational procedures across the globe, unsafe airspaces, interacting with other members, and detailed updates.

Jason Kopp BOA

The international information from this group has been a tremendous help in our operations. Across the board, it is well worth the money!

Jayme Kennedy Chartright Air Inc

The International Bulletins are a great resource for upcoming airport closures, restrictions and general ops info that every flight department should receive!

Paul Haas Target

Ops Group is a great resource! Timely updates and very useful information.


OpsGroup has provided valuable information in an easy to navigate format. We quickly find what is pertinent to our operation for review and easily breeze through the rest. This is a great source of international ops information.

Ernesto Pula Ltd

This is my first stop to get the latest lowdown and information. Brilliant material available so easily.

Bjorgvin H. Narfason Manager Flight Dispatch, Air Atlanta Icelandic

Ops Group has really helped us out monitoring and keeping up with all the changes in the fast and ever changing airline environment we live in today. Keep up the good work!

Dudley Boshoff

Thanks for all the information which helps us individuals, with one aircraft and small operations, keep abreast of all the latest developments.

Thomas Rutherford Metrojet

OPSGROUP is a necessity in today's flying environment!

Chris Tveten AFG

Great information, up to date, and quick!

Wee Lee Tan Singapore CAA

Very useful information provided in a timely manner. Thank you!

Alan Desbrow

As a Corporate Pilot I may end up flying anywhere at anytime. I find the information very helpful, especially Airport Spy, and Safe Airspace, to give me a good idea of what to expect.

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Rob Martin Orange County/Sunbird Aviation, LLC

OpsGroup has been an invaluable resource to allow me to keep self-dispatching our flights to Europe without the cost of an ISP, yet remaining confident that I'm in the loop on current changes and possible gotchas. It's a routine part of my pre-flight planning.

Dan Richards

OPSGROUP boils down all the meta data to information that is relevant to my flights today. A highly valued and current resource.

Grant McMahon CAT3 Aviation

A fantastic resource for our small Part 91 flight department - Opsgroup is a source for reliable and accurate information.

Craig Trammell Churchill Industries

Like the collation of information into one easy to find area. Keep up the good work -- every change along the way is a better product.

Steve Austin Stephens Investments Holdings LLC.

Great information and up to date! Keep up the great service!!

Capt. Vince Moore Gama Aviation

The OpsGroup newsletters have become one of the most important trip planning resources available before our international trips. And out of Hong Kong, every trip is an international trip!

Jaden AirSprint

There's no other source like this! Huge time saver!

Brian Scott DuPont Pioneer

I'm new to OpsGroup and find that the information provided is both timely and a great resource for International operations.

Michael Kienzle Tyrolean Jet Services

The most recent information available - all from one source. Thank you!

Kenneth Chase

Excellent meeting point and source of information.

Fergus Flanagan Manager Dispatch, United Airlines

I love the briefing via email.

Jon Braid Jet Team

Opsgroup provides access to a wealth of information and,in particular, access to people who have often done what you're planning next.

Steve Jackson EJM

I have found OpsGroup to be an invaluable tool to our ops. I look forward to every bit of information I can get!

James Smith IBM Flight Dept

I learn something important with each briefing !

Will Price Lockheed Martin

Ops Group is an essential tool for any International Operator.

Gerard Roeting

Great, convenient and concise source of info.

Terry Walby Central Management Services

I find the updates for airports and airspace the most useful. Even if I'm not traveling to many of the specific areas that get mentioned. But, in case I do get dispatched to one or more of them, at least I have some good data to start with. It saves me a call or two to the handlers!

Fernando Volponi Dedalus Ltd.

Information is the most valuable asset for International Business Jet Ops. OPSGROUP is the most essential and reliable source of knowledge I ever seen.

George Kontos Executive Skyfleet, Inc.

Great information! Easy way to stay informed on worldwide changes and events that may impact our missions.

Taylor Spangler Worldwide B-757 Operator

OpsGroup is a great tool for reviewing and keeping current on worldwide operations, especially in the dark corners and unusual places of the globe.

Yannick Ravailler

The best dispatch a pilot can have!

Colin Beel AV8 jet

Great source of information for the flight planning stage.

Steve Smith Smittyjet

OPSGROUP: finally someone that takes the mountain of information we face and distills it into plain language. Really saved my butt on a flight.

November 2018: Closing to new members

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William Stephenson Falcon 2000

Ops Group is an indispensable resource for my world wide operation. Tremendous value here!

Mariano Mari Chief Pilot, Caribbean Heli-Jets, Inc.

OpsGroup has been our go-to resource for the latest information on International Operations. Highly recommend it!

David Wilson Boeing

Member level access to OpsGroup is a must have for any flight department conducting operations to remote/international destinations.

Eric North American Air Charter

The weekly ops briefings are fantastic. A one stop shop of everything that you need to fly around the globe.

Kevin Wiig Private Part 91 Corporate Flight Department

Timely, relevant information delivered in a common sense, often plain language format. I'm always learning things from OpsGroup and find the service well worth the time and expense.

Patrick Wiens Swiflite Aircraft Corporation

The OpsGroup Bulletin is consulted prior to all our international trips and is used extensively as a springboard for discussion at our quarterly Flight Crewmember discussion sessions.

Mike Brown WIFS Corp.

OpsGroup is an outstanding resource for obtaining and sharing critical information that impacts global flight operations.

Andy Cohen Aviation Consultants of Aspen, Inc.

Well thought out information presented in a concise manner. Excellent source for keeping up on operational requirements and potential problem areas.

Mike Gibson Fedex

Opgroup is an excellent first resource to go to when beginning ops in unfamiliar areas of the planet. Kudos!

Raul Mendez Aviation Logistics of America

Very useful material in just one place, it's like the credit card, don't leave home without it!

Matt Harty Citation 750 Contract Pilot

Provides users with critical and timely information along with the ability to exchange questions and ideas amongst users. Great resource!

Bob Schneider Yum Aviation

My "GO TO" resource for International OPS . Best I have seen in my 33 years of Int. flying.

Thomas Irbinger TAG Aviation Asia

A really important tool for anyone operating worldwide!

LJ Vonderschmidt Omni Air

The knowledge and expertise from all participating members is invaluable!

Gary Vandevoorde ADM

An eclectic mix of timely and essential information I need for international corporate flying.

Pete L. US Government, Aviation

International flight operations detailed minutia at your fingertips! If they don't know the answer they say they don't, however they make sure they do VERY quickly! No other service like it available for the price.

Tom Mattina Jet Aviation

Love the bulletins! Keep it up!

Peter Holmes Nauru Airlines

Provides an invaluable source of concise and extremely helpful information, which has assisted our operations many times.

Jose A. D. Filho

Opsgroup are doing a great job, providing documents, charts and important information for flight planning. It's like my personal dispatcher.

Douglas Whitcomb Monsanto Company

This is a fantastic group of aviation professionals that share very important information in a private forum.

Jerome Cole Abbott Laboratories

I enjoy the variety of information available on OpsGroup. I find the prompt replies to be very helpful.

Jack Stockmann WJ Aviation

The OpsGroup provides valuable and timely information to enhance our international planning and operations!

Richard Buergel NetJets

OpsGroup is exactly what I didn't know I needed, but had been searching for over the last ten years! I have no doubt that OpsGroup will find new ways to make international flight operations safer through the collaborative exchange of critical information. Bravo!

November 2018: Closing to new members

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Ralph Wyman

Great group! Well worth belonging to. Great information to find all in one place!!

Mike Lewis AT&T Flight Dept

Love the Slack access!

Steve Thorpe, Senior International G550 Captain

If you need a current, complete source of international ops info, this is the place!

Fernando Zapata Aerotresalia

OpsGroup is the website that we were missing in aviation, great information, helpful... one word...Awesome.

Joe Loewenstein P&G Flight Dept.

Best one stop shop for current important info I've seen

Cyril Salanga NEXUS Asia Flight Services Corp.

Very informative. Thanks to all theOpsGroup Team. Keep up the good work!

John Curry Acenann

My Global Ops knowledge base. Ask a question someone knows the answer. The weekly overview reminds me of the things i should already know but have faded.

Rob Randall RocketRoute

A really great resource for international flight ops. Keep up the good work! Many thanks.

Iris Riesen Cat Aviation AG, Zurich

Great Job done by OPSGROUP and valuable Information given in real time. It is like having a couple of friends out there to talk to.

Peter der Kinderen Exxaero BV

OpsGroup keeps you up to date in a changing world

Erik Beltz Luxaviation

Great tool, easy to use and has great value to our operation.

Capt.Bob Nicholls Emirates Airline

Very valuable information in a concise form.

Dominique Aircom

OPS Group is useful and very reliable. The only place to share experience. Good Job guys. Thank you.

Sylvia Krug-Berger Tyrolean Air Ambulance

Especially the World Overfligt map with all safety/security information is very helpful for our Operation. But also receiving the experiences from other Operators is very useful. Questions to Ops Group Team are always answered very fast, thanks for that.

Alan Meredith British Antarctic Survey

This has been a very valuable service in a number of areas such as trip planning, requirements and regulations over the past year.

November 2018: Closing to new members

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Randall White CNL Financial Group

I started using OpsGroup about 1 year ago. The service is full of information and resources for any international operator. Highly recommend it!

Eyal Benno Aeroyal

The best Ops source on the web. Period !

Laurence Printie Fayair (Jersey) Co Limited

OpsGroup have finally got together and given what Corporate operators have asked for a long time - up to date bulletins to assist stand-alone operators.

Tim Crider VF Corporation

I have only been a member for a couple of months. I have found the OpsGroup to be on top of current events with accurate information. Very Helpful. I look foward to using more of their services in the coming year.

Bart Goldman Sagitta LLC

Awesome resource. Great way of double checking the information provided by trip planners and to help with the preplanning of international trips. Would highly recommend this service as part of the resources that any flight operations needs.

Norm Gage Kalitta Air

OpsGroup is a very valuable resource providing information for non-scheduled flight operations worldwide.

Carole Couchman IFALPA

Great site, with lots of useful information.

Timothy Whalen

Well worth the price of subscription. Information is timely and provides a near single source for int'l Ops.

Paul Regli LifeFlight Australia

OPSGROUP has been a great benefit when trying to navigate around all the requirements of International Operations. I am now able to access information from multiple sources on a single site making planning so much easier. Great job keep up the good work!

Ted Hodgdon IBM Flight Ops

Helps me keep up with the ever changing world of Intl flying.

Brent Gateman Latitude Air Ambulance

It is great to finally have one source of valuable information and an opportunity to share information with other operators frequently and conveniently.

David Sheppard Private Sky

A one stop shop for worldwide operations especially useful for smaller companies that don't have the resources of FSB.

Tim Cloutier PlaneSense Inc.

Excellent resource! If you fly internationally, you'll definitely want to join.

Terri Watson LightHawk

A great place to find practical, real-life information vs. researching it from a source that might be dated or too general.

Rolf Zeller ZIC

OpsGroup has supported me with useful information on many international trips. The article about the slot situation in Hong Kong even gave me enough background information to explain the CEO why we couldn't fly in/out at the times we would have preferred.